Pumpkin Cheesecake with Gingersnap Crust

Hello, Fall? Is that you? Is it too early for pumpkin? I hope not. I say not! It’s September, almost October and pumpkin season is here (or really close around the corner!). What is the best dessert besides cheesecake? Pumpkin cheesecake! This is an adaptation of the famous “Cheesecake Factory Pumpkin Cheesecake.” I used a […]

LA Chapssaltteok (LA Sticky Rice Cake)

  Last week was Chuseok in Korea – or “Korean Thanksgiving” if you will. In Korea, this is one of the largest holidays and probably also one of the most horrific traffic days of the year.  During this time families get together and eat lots of really great fancy foods, pay respect to elders and ancestors, […]

Baked Potato Korokke

baked potato korokke

As an add-on to the fried Potato Korokke – I baked a few of the leftovers and they were actually very good! On a day where you don’t want to eat too much fried food but still want korokke, I would highly recommend this process. Though, they don’t completely match the fried ones, I thought […]

Potato Korokke

Potato Korokke

With some of the baked donuts I’ve been experimenting with I have been craving something fried. I don’t eat fried food often but sometimes we need to go a bit crazy, right? (Maybe sometimes too often… ) This definitely hit the spot. A thin crunchy covering as you take a bite with a soft filling center of […]

Crunchy and Soft Cream Puffs

Can we please talk about these cream puffs?   They are really good. My official taste tester is really happy about them too! Crunchy on the outside and sweet cream on the inside. They are really good.   All the cream puffs I’ve tried have been delicious puffs filled with a cream but this little […]