Baked Donuts Adventure – Part 1

I’m definitely late to the game with baked donuts. Hello fad from many years ago.
But I saw a donut pan on sale at Homegoods and was newly intrigued. Passing up sales are SO hard. I caved and bought one! Now what do I do with this thing?
baked donut baked donut batter
There are so many recipes online that I tried two . You’re welcome, husband. Sort of.
I’m not sure exactly what I was expecting from baked instead of fried donuts – they don’t taste the same. They ARE good but I was disappointed because they were not the scrumptious fried donuts but to be fair, they lack all that oil!
The first two donuts I tried had fairly different base. One uses greek yogurt and the other does not, instead much buttermilk.
The recipe using the greek yogurt was definitely denser. Whereas, the other was much lighter.
 baked donut placing in batter baked donuts in pan
I popped the donut made out of greek yogurt first and was a bit disappointed. Second batch of no yogurt donuts went in and out of the oven, and the husband liked the texture of these more. Much lighter, more airy.  Maybe too airy. Next time, I will not sift the flour – that may have added the extra air to make them too light.
 baked donut stacked S cinnamon sugar baked donut
After 8 hours though, I actually like the greek yogurt donut texture better. It seems to have withstood time. A bit like a cake donut. Fage yogurt is also the thicker and creamier of the yogurt brands – I may try this with a softer greek yogurt (Chobani? I don’t really like eating these alone but think it could make these donuts a bit less dense).
The other seems to have gotten a bit too airy for me after a few hours. When I bite in, there’s not enough chew? This may be because I used low-fat milk, I will try a higher fat milk content.
 baked donut - peanut butter and cinnamon
I’m not giving up on these just yet! Will try another batch soon – maybe using cake flour …. I’m also very intrigued by the pumpkin baked donuts and apple cider donuts. But maybe these will always taste like muffins unless I fry them…
No recipes to take note of well, because I wasn’t too happy with them at the end. Another day, another try.

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