Korean Honey Ginger Tea (Saenggang Cha)
Enjoy a hot cup of tea with a kick of spice from the ginger and a hint of honey sweetness. Keep your body warm and the sickness away!
2 pints
2 pints
Honey Ginger Tea
  1. Wash the ginger a few times in running water and place in a bowl of cold water for 30 minutes. Once the skins of the ginger becomes moist, the skin will easily rub off with a small spoon or cloth. If you prefer, you can also peel the skin with a potato peeler. Wash and peel the skin of the asian pear and cut into pieces.
  2. If you have a juicer, juice all of the ginger and pear. I re-juiced the pulp of the ginger a second time to squeeze out even more! If you don’t have a juicer, you can run the ginger and pear in the blender, place the blended concoction in a cloth and manually squeeze out all of the juice by twisting the cloth hard. This will take a bit of strength but well worth it!
  3. After you juice, let it sit for about 30-60 minutes as some of the starch of the juice will sink to the bottom. Once you see that the starch has settled at the bottom, pour the juice through a sieve to catch any last lingering pieces and pour into a large pot.
  4. Add in the honey, sugar and cinnamon sticks.
  5. On high heat bring to a boil and bubbles/foam may form. You can level out some of the bubbles with a spoon and bring the heat to medium high and continue simmer for about 40 more minutes. The tea will turn into a darker golden color and become more syrup-like and reduced – similar to a sesame oil consistency.
Cleaning Glass Jars
  1. An important step to making jam, preserves or tea syrups is to make sure the glass jars are completely clean with no bacteria as this will affect the shelf life. In a pot of water, place the empty jars right-side up and boil for about 3 minutes. Flip the jars upside down and boil the jars for another 3 minutes. Allow the jars to air dry.
Recipe Notes

Adapted from a Korean Blog 루나의 맛있는 오후 

I filled 2 pint jars and 1 8 oz jar but not up to the brim as I wanted to gift it to 3 people. The amount will also fluctuate slightly on how much you reduce the ginger and honey and the resulting consistency.